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by Andrew St James

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Cassidy 03:09
Cassidy I was so young when you left
And with you took my breath
For with your trails in the sunlight,
I'd dance alone, scream into the dog fight, just to see you, just to see you

Feel my lips across your chest
Skin to skin across the desk
It's no problem makin’ to you,
We always knew, I could never fool you, Cassidy, please see me.

I ran so hard I could not stand,
To place the diamonds in your hand.
I lost myself to my addiction
But don't you think I've lost my convictions, I love you, I love you

Did I loose you on my way,
Can I invite you in to stay
To Fall in love but loose devotion,
I would not let that have hold on my emotions, Cassidy please see me.
Maybe its time for me to go Sweet Mary, child, the mornings broke,
My heads still clouded, I know I misspoke,
For you, forever, I'll still smile at your jokes, but
Look out your back door, you’ll see yourself smiling,
Erotic malnutrition, insults flying.
Yeah the god in the mirror, has left to build his bible, maybe it's time for me to go.

The drunks still screaming on the corner of your street,
Despite the morning showers and your drug induced sleep,
Your main stream affection and the tattoos on your feet,
Take a trip through the time wall, see your memory swirling, at the start of nightfall your silvers sterling
And love it lasts forever, lest your pride is for the taking, perhaps it's time for me to go.

The Benzedrine wish well is but a graveyard dance,
And your periodical knowledge gives you no chance,
For your lifestyle in the bike lane and your questionable finance.
Go put your drink down, break down in the hallway!
The road to freedom is looming out your doorway.
Your dreams and your callings, are buried beneath the system, maybe it's time for me to go.

You live in a light show, doesn't mean you're not blinded.
Looking for dharma doesn't mean you will find it
I'm leaving the morning, the first one on the pavement,
Life is boring without the initiative to shape it.

Oh Mary, the night left your home again,
And despite your wisdom an your need to pretend,
Your Coked up in the shadows, and you know your near the end.
Take the time to realize, the amount your burning, a testament to the grave your earning,
And the god in the mirror has left to build his bible, maybe it's time for me to go.
Visions 04:53
'Visions (you know just how I feel)'

We lost what's broken and shed down to the ground
Through the velvet isles and the start oak, gagged and bound.
And though I spoke of it I never saw what I found,  when the morning dew twinkled in the sound.
And with the highways browning leaves, I so turned to shout it,
They said I'd leave before today, but still you stood to doubt it,
I was subversive, and looked for a way out, I was so tiered then. 
Even when I try to hide it you seem to know just how I feel,
When my lips turn violet, my eyes looking to steal,
Even when I confide it, you take every single bit of the deal,
But know its the visions of what I am that make it real.

On the winter beach head, the oceans power shone,
Over my bare body, lacquer linen, silent bone.
Although the howling was silenced by the stone,  the wind shook the trees till they moaned.
And although I stand inside the city, lost of all but my vision,
You see the sentimental wall, drawn down by my decisions,
I'm but a lover, and  I've seen the worst in all, but I'm not crying.

 And yes I've been lonesome, through the streets without an end,
And I've lived through darkness, loss of love with none to lend,
And I've seen the dead speak wisdom, in the light before the end,
For the visions left within them,
Were theirs to bend.

Through the mission burros, the winos candle light.
In the church stone province, the painters came to fight.
I was sure the women were not likely to bite,  but through their gestures I just knew I wasn't right.
And with your self respecting tone, I know right now you see through me,
And through the street lights lingered dome, I know you never knew me,
For I fought hard through my childhood,
With all those tears and blood, you couldn't imagine.
The Lost The Vain When the hope you once had is drowned in the bay,
When the love your calling bad won't budge or sway.
When the one you lost forever, and the one that won't go away
Mold together and stand in your way,
Only one endeavor will sustain, the lost the vain.

When the silence that you run from still sustains,
When the depression you are slave to, you know will not decay.
When the time spent alone, and the miracles gone astray, are yours forever, Secrets for the grave
With long lost desire, will reign, the lost the vain.

When your cars and your Regal taste can’t bring a smile to your face,
When no ones standing by you, your too proud to go and chase,
When the things that you value, all fade away, your antiques and your covers, Mean nothing as of today,
Your suitors and your lovers, are all detained, the lost the vain.

Is it worth the blindness, the lonesome looming pain?
It's seen through your satire, your brooding and your shame.
Wouldn't you give your fortune and your fame, all of it over to be the same?

When hip alternative street folk suits your taste,
When your summer home in the Hampton's means nothing but some space.
When whispers of some freedom, overwhelm your brain,
And the wealth that you live from, is all you have to blame.
For your societal blindness, that we're all the same,
The lost the vain.
A Prayer For East Oakland Guardian of my rights answer when I call in the deep dark city street where the young boys fall for too many martyrs have died in this brawl, in this east bay torment war. Oh sweet old Shepard, use your eyes quick as darts, to east 82nd ave where to death we embark Ill admit that night I was scared of the dark for the gun shots rang through the park. So for all the dead lying out in the street, who are they to answer to?  Have you left us, broken us from the rest of us save us with your right hand, please come and rescue us, hoist the standard to rally those who fear you, for this town is full of tears being wept for you. Worn out in calling, our throats are horse, what is hate for no reason, but some turf war force and how many children bust die on this corse,  oh save us, Shepard, distinct force. For all the mothers crying at my feet, who is there to comfort them? And with the rain falling down screeches loud as the sirens hit the town and the white men come, reporting on the scene, with their coats wide open and their black limousines watching the mothers grieve, the news trucks quickly leave,  a two minute section scene is what they're after.  Come down and bestow peace and love for all cant you hear the shrieks of those who wimped and  call sometimes i wish i could curl into a ball for the television reports are so small The poorer we are the less they care and still the terror i can hear down the stairs and community action can't stop gun shot flairs at food trucks through houses not mayors. Those who shot toddlers dead in their seats, how could you forgive them? Oh, East Oakland, can it be? let the love set you free. 
No Hurry (Subterfuge) I 1don't live in defeat now darlin,
I reach out for more
I won't follow your feet in the morning
Run through the rain as it pours.
And you sound so sorry! When I'm not knocking at your door.
Babe I'm in no hurry, It won't be like it was before.

I won't fall asleep at the wheel, no worries,
I watch the time that bides,
Don't forget how to feel in your hurry,
Don't lose sight of your side.
I know you ain't tryin to catch me,
There ain't much that you see as wrong.
Yeah we weren't attached, please,
You can't feel what you've lost till its gone.

Take the weight off your chest now will you,
Your not in sight of the sign.
Stand at will for the best in the night hue,
Take your chance in the line.
And you look so helpless,
When there ain't a man on your hand.
You still leave me breathless,
But why I'm leavin you won't under stand.

 go on just leave me sleepin, I opt to skip the rough goodbyes,
And I would try to stop you, but there's no light left in your eyes

I got dreams to attend to darlin, Il be rolling my stone,
Don't skip to the end we're parting, no don't stand and moan.
Go dive in the mirror, dance inside the ties of your mind,
When you suddenly hear her, blindly chase the joys you find.
Nightmares Pt. 5 My Love was lost by the dawn, Desperate satire droning slightly on the lawn My jaguar demons lead the way Taken by the dues i've yet to pay Broke teeth bender keeps asking me to stay caressing exteroceptions of my grave. And I've had it coming dear, but I’m the first one breaking There’s not a lot to fear, but still theres a calm I'm faking We’re all so caught up in the vine, And with this night terror Im sure I will soon miss the sign. Sleet and snow bred the beast Resounding cries, man, i've begged for them to cease The nightbird pecks there is no peace, Instamatic fires, no sensible release, No shelter no woman, the hunger that plagues the priest Lost of wisdom in the least. Shoot me dead, make it brief, please These scarlet terrors come on give me some relief, Back door woman stole the keef, Bottle thoughts broken, even fringers lost belief, Through the redwood, I was chased by the Chief, Childhood rambler broken grief.
East of Eden 04:37
East Of Eden Lets run it out, this morning breaking ahead of the broad iron tracks To find us out inside the ace of jacks And the soar metallic sun, shone o’er this virgin land Darkening what’s done, So I’m going back to the almanac With their black limousines and their heroine dreams do deceive them, no. The blue-collar hands whisking away And the coal men slowly dying for their pay With the depth of the city’s cave, in their south Pennsylvania town What is there to save? For I was there, with grease in my hair When the whisky denounced the minors who pounced on their days worth! No. The suburbs rose out of an expanding communist block Whose taillights got them quickly stopped Where property is a dream, along with colossal faith, To see through the bookies scheme, But dreams, like a drug, turn the wise into the smug And he’d say I’m high out my mind, and I aint gonna sign till I’m sober, no. When Will they see, that freedom really dont come free Through the walls of the private penitentiary  And the force in the Arab dust, turned the old ways back on their face with the white Protestant rust for a love not legally embraced  And the stiff necked religious men, took their old beliefs with a new hate And the families that sleep in the streets stand with a heavy hand To be the jury, of the ones, Who had tried, with their guns, To keep the land of the brave as white and as knave as the ceiling no. No, east of Eden, How can we decide, if everyone’s always wrong.
I’m All About You I’d be sad to see your own hope dyin, But you aint no Madonna of the Rocks,  Scared to leave home, but to me its not a shock.  Your lake street pride, it is quickly failing,  To tell me why I’d run to you alone, Your only a dame that was blessed with out a home.  Lady, It just aint all about you, no, Lady, take some time to think it through, no, cause I spend half my life just trying to see you, and I came across this city just to be with you,  No..  Although I am lost in your own show, you truly are nothing but the same, and you know I ain't no blouse or room to hide your shame.  It’s part of the tale that is truly frightening,  It’s this tumor of your life growing slow, You mistake me for I am not too blind to know. 
Marigold 03:00
Marigold You wear your love on your coat, Doused in yearning, the core of your condition, Words like fire on your throat, Thoughts all dire, Flyers for the final show, And I know I wouldn’t play the part well, See now time is of the essence, Please.. You know it wasn’t very hard. I know your spirits' on the road, Your troubled house, the vigil of your mantle, Your Wild figure I have shown, Your armored guard, your vision in the Marigold, And I see you’ve known a lot of heartbreak, And granted, I’ve made a lot of mistakes before.. But I’d give you all I got. Maybe Time has lost its hold, Maybe now you’re lost in the middle, I know you’re gone now, so I’m told, Perhaps age was an excuse for the lesser, and no, I’m not certain anymore, I could be living next door! You wouldn’t know, I’m too foreign. But I loved you so much more Yes I know I wouldn’t play the part well, See now time is of the essence, Please.. You know it wasn’t very hard.
Before The Flood The foreign stench burst shades of grey, in your eyes before I say, Ill stay. Bluebird answer to your call theres but time for us to fall, to fall. Know I feel it in my blood my blood my blood may it soon be buried in the sudden splud of mud No, Before the Flood Listen close and take no harm, fly you will into the storm, no alarm. Take your children leave your home, Ill be sheltered, all alone, my bones. Know I feel it in my blood my blood my blood may it soon be buried in the sudden splud of mud No, Before the Flood Come sweet bluebird sing your song,  I can't sleep its been so long, so long. Bring your light to foreign shore,  just you know my love you store, so much more. Know I feel it in my blood my blood my blood may it soon be buried in the sudden splud of mud No, Before the Flood No, Before the Flood.


The debut album by San Francisco native Andrew St James


released September 24, 2013

Produced by Andrew St James and JG. Mixed by Jim Greer.


all rights reserved



Andrew St. James San Francisco, California

Andrew St James is a singer, songwriter and poet from San Francisco, with hefty songwriting chops and a timeless voice that echoes from decades gone by into an unknowable future of music, talent, and vision.


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